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Broadmoor Hospital redevelopment

We have a great deal to celebrate. Not only did an external independent review panel award the project the highest possible rating recently, but we've also started our final countdown to new hospital commissioning. Read the Trust’s press release here.

However, there’s a phenomenal amount of work to do before we can move our patients in at the end of the year. So, to let you know what’s happening with this historic event, we’ll be providing updates.

In October our new Entrance Building opened and became the official hospital entrance for all staff and visitors. At the same time we closed the existing hospital entrance which had been in use since 1989. 

As well as preparing our patients for their moves, we have finalised each service’s move schedule and completed our comprehensive training and familiarisation programme for almost 1,000 staff. Over the coming weeks we'll be continuing with: commissioning equipment, testing systems and completing the final ward garden.

Patient engagement and involvement has always been an essential aspect of the redevelopment project, and with the finishing touches to each hospital building being completed, all eleven Patient Forum representatives have visited the new site. During their tour, representatives were taken to look at the facilities available in the Central Building and wards; all were very impressed and immediately noticed how the new environment will support recovery.

We're now audibly testing the new hospital’s single siren and will continue to do so until 26 November.

After this date, the siren will be silently tested so residents will no longer hear it sound at 10am on Monday mornings. 

Before this happens we want to make sure local residents, in the immediate vicinity, are aware of the new siren’s sound. Therefore,the new siren will be sounded every Monday at 10am from Monday 21 October 2019 until Monday 2 December 2019.

For Broadmoor Hospital and other community messaging, we’re encouraging everyone in the local community to sign up to the Thames Valley Alerts system. If you would like to know more about the Broadmoor Hospital sirens, please see our decommissioning sirens page.

The Broadmoor hospital sirens

In parallel with the move to the new hospital, the Trust is modernising the way it  communicates with local residents.

All community sirens will behave now been decommissioned and replaced with the Thames Valley Alert system.

Images of the new hospital are uploaded here on a regular basis

In parallel with the move to the new hospital, the Trust is modernising the way in which communicates with the local community. The remaining sirens will be decommissioned and replaced with the Thames Valley Alert system. Learn more here