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Visiting Broadmoor

In an attempt to reduce the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), please be aware that as of 5th November 2020, all social visits, including from main carers, have now been stopped at Broadmoor Hospital.

Wherever possible, we are asking that legal consultations take place over the phone.

We understand that this may be upsetting for you and patients.

The Broadmoor Social Work team will continue to support you through these difficult times and we are exploring some alternative means of communication between patients and their families and will update you accordingly.

If you need to speak to a Social Worker, please contact 01344 754523

Just to remind you, you can still have telephone, letter and email contact at this time.

We thank you for your consideration nd are sure you will understand that stopping all social visits is to keep both yourselves and patients, safe from the spread of Coronavirus

Patients at Broadmoor benefit greatly from keeping in touch with their families and friends while they are in hospital and we encourage visits from family and friends. 

  • 2nd to 24th December. No visits on 25th and 26th. Visits to recommence on 27th to 31st December. We will then review national guidance on whether visits can continue.
  • Visits 7 days per week, from 1400 to 1500
  • Maximum of 5 patients to attend the central visits centre at any one time
  • No more than 2 visitors. They must reside in the SAME household
  • In order to ensure that all patients have the opportunity to have visits. Visitors will only be permitted to visit patients once during this period
  • Visitors must not reside in a Tier 3 area
  • All visitors must wear face protection, have their temperature taken and complete a visitors’ questionnaire
  • Child visits are included, on the same conditions as above
  • Carers should be reminded that we are improving virtual visits, by introducing multiple household visits, to a maximum of 3 households. All virtual visitors must have visited the hospital, or exceptional approval sought from Leeanne.

Booking your visit

Visiting times

Visits Centre

For more information on visits, please see  Information for Carers.

Information for carers

For more information on child visits, please see Information about Child Visits

Information about Child Visits

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