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Cassel Hospital

Update in context of the Coronavirus pandemic:

The safety and well-being of our patients, staff and visitors is our highest priority. Please know that following a period of supporting our current inpatient group through a therapeutic programme remotely, we are now again offering residential treatment at the Cassel Hospital, albeit with appropriate safeguards around infection control. The Cassel Outreach Service which is community-based continues to provide treatment remotely for the time being.

We remain open to referrals, enquiries and telephone consultations. For more information or to make a referral, please contact our referrals administrator Cheryl Pavitt (Tel. 020 8483 2953/2900, or

The Cassel Hospital response to the issue of institutional racism

Institutional racism pervades the structures on which British society is built. Healthcare is no exception, the Cassel Hospital is no exception.

We have been aware of the inequality of access to specialist treatment for personality disorder for decades (ref 1) and the over representation of black patients in highly restrictive or forensic settings (2). Institutional racism reduces the life expectancy and increases the morbidity and mortality of our BAME patient population.

The corona virus pandemic has highlighted the disproportionate number of BAME people working in front line NHS roles (3). There is evidence to suggest reduced career progression and despite the increase in BAME representation on NHS Trust boards in recent years (4) there is a disproportionate number of BAME staff working in temporary, agency roles (3).

Events and tragedies occur which bring the problem of racial inequality to the forefront of our minds. This time it is a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic killing a disproportionate number of black people and people from other ethnic minority groups and the killing of a George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis, USA. Yet changes to the system following a period of public discourse remain marginal.

It goes without saying that at the Cassel Hospital we abhor the fact that we discriminate, as individuals, as organisations, as a society. In order to effect change, we will work better at examining the role our own structures play in perpetuating racial discrimination. We will use this opportunity to challenge the systems which protect inequality, using our ‘culture of enquiry’ to explore how institutional racism manifests inside and outside the organisation.

As a first step we will set up a Task and Finish group to specifically develop a plan to examine our organisation with a view to improving racial equality within Cassel services.

1 Bridget Dolan, Kevin Polley, Ruth Allen (1991) Addressing Racism in Psychiatry: Is the therapeutic Community Model Applicable. International Journal of Social Psychiatry Vol 37:2, 71-79
2 McGovern D & Cope, R (1987) The compulsory detention of males of different ethnic groups with special reference to offender patients British Journal of Psychiatry, 150, 505-512
3 Business in the Community (2020) The Prince’s Responsible Business Network
4 “NHSE Workforce Race Equality Standard Report” (2019)

The Cassel Hospital provides treatment for adults with severe and complex personality disorders and young people with emerging personality disorders who have often exhausted all other avenues of help from mental health services.

Visit the Cassel Hospital Charitable Trust website here.

Location: The Cassel Hospital, 1 Ham Common, Richmond, Surrey
Mode: Inpatient and Outreach
Length of treatment: Minimum 9 months, maximum 33 months. The length of treatment will be determined by the patient's individual circumstances and resources available locally, and confirmed in consultation with the patient and local team at the second review which is scheduled at around 5 months.
Referrals accepted from: Consultant psychiatrists, adult mental health services, child and adolescent mental health services for young people at stage of being transferred to adult services.
Key areas: Personality disorders
Personality disorder lead: Dr Kimberley Barlow, consultant psychiatrist
Senior nurse: Amanda Mackenzie

The Cassel Hospital


The Cassel Hospital is an NHS Tier 4 specialist personality disorder service and is part of West London Mental Health Trust.

We deliver combined psychosocial and psychoanalytic treatment through Inpatient and Outreach treatment programs. The Inpatient service provides residential treatment at the Cassel Hospital in Richmond, Surrey. The Outreach service provides community-based treatment and may follow on from the Inpatient program or may be accessed directly, depending on need and individual circumstances.

The purpose of our service is to help people reduce self-harm, suicidal and other self-destructive behaviours, build and foster healthy social and family relationships and to integrate back into the community, with a reduced reliance on local mental health services.

Our unique treatment approach is built on decades of experience and a strong evidence-base. Our dedicated Research Unit continually audits treatment outcomes and results show that our treatment is effective with even very difficult cases.


Address: The Cassel Hospital, 1 Ham Common, Richmond, Surrey TW10 7JF
Tel: 020 8483 2900
020 8483 2996