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Making this website accessible

We have done our best to make the West London NHS Trust website as accessible and usable as possible for all users, according to the standards laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

This is what we have done:

  • Images have alternative text (so if you can’t see the image you can still read the text).
  • Colour contrast between foreground and background is sufficiently strong.
  • Text re-sizes according to user preference.
  • Headings are correctly used (they’re not just ordinary text made to look big and bold).
  • Links make sense by themselves (e.g. no instances of links that just say “Click here” or “More…”).
  • Tables are used for laying out tabular information and have proper headings and summaries.
  • Visual presentation is defined in ‘stylesheets’ and is not embedded in the pages.

For those familiar with the WCAG, we’ve aimed for AA compliance, but have not adhered to some checkpoints that are no longer relevant or have been demonstrated to hinder accessibility.

Read our accessibility statement

How to use the accessibility features in your browser

If you need help on how to use the features within your browser to improve your experience of this site, visit Ability Net which is a free, online resource or call their free helpline 0800 269 545.

How to make our website easier to read

The small half-moon icon on the right hand side of the screen is a toggle switch, which means you can click on it to turn it on and off. Clicking on the icon allows you to view the site with higher contrast between the background and the text.

Other helpful resources

For more information about the Accessible Information Standard, visit NHS England’s webpage dedicated to the Standard:

Help us improve

There is no such thing as a perfect site, so we welcome any feedback you have to improve the accessibility of the site. Please send any suggestions or comments to