Covid-19 information for GPs and referrers

Restoration of services following Covid-19

In March 2020 Ealing Community Partners were required by NHS England to make urgent changes to the services we deliver in light of the NHS response to the rapidly evolving Covid-19 situation.

These changes were in order to respect national guidance and take account of the need for social distancing, preventing unnecessary travel and social interaction (including for routine healthcare) and prioritising delivery of essential services over those services which were stopped or partially stopped.

From August 2020, we are now seeking to resume all services although we will continue to:

  • Consider alternatives to face to face contact where appropriate (eg telephone or video consultation), particularly for initial contacts

  • Some group based activities (eg MSK, Pulmonary Rehabilitation) remain restricted but digital and 1:1 alternatives are offered where required

  • Wear personal protective equipment (face mask, gown and surgical gloves) for all patient care

  • Prioritise care according to clinical urgency, which may mean some longer waiting times than usual for routine services and some referrals triaged as low-risk may be rejected or patients signposted to self-help resources.

  • Please continue to refer to services as usual. Please note that we are not able to accept referrals of patients who would not routinely be eligible for our service (for example patients who would usually access practice nursing support, would not automatically be eligible for district nursing on the basis of self-isolating or limited availability of practice nursing clinics alone).

Suspended services –accepting referrals from Aug 2020

  • Care coordination
  • Low risk podiatry
  • Routine MSK (group work remains limited)
  • Routine rehabilitation (EDTC, falls, Enable, short term rehab)
  • Routine SLT
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation (group work remains limited)
  • Health psychology / pain (group work remains limited)
  • Adult autism assessment service
  • Diabetes Education Service (group work remains limited)
  • Mind Pathways
  • Dementia Support
  • H&F CIS Case Management
  • WLT Healthy Lifestyles Service
  • TB Education

Partially stopped services (revised operations and locations) – restoring full functions from Aug 2020

Children's services

  • Bladder and bowel 
  • Children’s OT and PT and SLT

Adult services
Diabetes Service

  • Tissue viability, Bladder and Bowel, Phlebotomy functions continuing rolled into general district nursing
  • MSK Interface services
  • SLT
  • N&D
  • Ealing LD Team (restoring some clinic based work in addition to home visits and remote consultations)
  • Marie Curie EOLC planned-variable service
  • Dementia Link Workers telephone only
  • Primary Care Mental Health – see separate mental health communications
  • H&F CIS Rehab

Essential continuing services for children and adults

  • Essential services for children
  • Children’s community nursing
  • Looked after children
  • Child development team
  • Special school nursing

Essential services for adults
•Referral hub
•Rapid Response (full overnight service resumed)
•Home First (D2A)
•Clayponds Hospital
•Primary Care service for Nursing Homes
•District nursing
•High risk podiatry
•Marie Curie Rapid Response
•H&F CIS Rapid Response
•H&F CIS Home First
•NWL Telemedicine service
•NHS Mary Robinson Unit

The sites we're working from

Clayponds hospital 

Open as usual, visitors permitted with some restrictions

Mattock Lane Health Centre  

High risk podiatry only (booked appointments)

Carmelita House

Pre-booked children's appointments only

Greenford Green Clinic 

DN clinics only

Featherstone Road 

 DN & DM clinics only

Acton Health Centre

DN service has now relocated back to AHC from Sycamore Lodge

Ealing Hospital

Urgent MSK only Level 1 – health screening required for entry

Green Lane 

 Booked appointments only

NHS Mary Robinson Unit (Manor Court)

No visitors permitted

Please note that other sites remain closed or accessible for staff only.

Contact us:

Phone: 0300 12345 44


The local providers who make up the partnership are: 

West London NHS Trust

Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Argyle Surgery


Dementia Concern

Ealing Centre for Independent Living

Ealing Council


The Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Imperial College Health Partners

London Central & West Unscheduled Care Collaborative

Marie Curie

Mind in Ealing and Hounslow 

We Coproduce.

You can see a full list of services we provide in our a-z directory.  

We have a contract with Ealing Clinical Commissioning Group to deliver these services over a 10 year period, up until 2029.

Contact us

If you have any questions about Ealing Community Partners or your care please call 

0300 12345 44

Ealing Community Partners: NHS, Ealing Council, voluntary & specialist providers working together to deliver health & social care for the people of Ealing