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Feedback and involvement

We are very keen that people who use our services tell us about their experiences, good or bad, to help us learn and improve. If you have used one of our services please take the time to tell us how we did.

Talk to a member of staff

If you feel able, it’s always good to give your feedback to a member of the team involved in your care and treatment. An important part of their job is to listen to what you have to say and to try and respond to any concerns you may have. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking to a member of staff directly related to you or your loved one’s care, you can call the PALS team (below).

Patient advice and liaison service (PALS)

Call our patient advice and liaison service (PALS) on 0800 064 3330 or email If you have had a positive experience that you want to pass on, a problem that you need help with or a complaint that you want to make, then you contact our PALS service using their freephone number. PALS can’t offer counselling or clinical advice, but they can give support and advice.

Leave feedback online

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to tell us what you think is by using Care Opinion. This is the UK’s leading independent feedback platform for health services.

You can also make comments on the NHS Choices website.
One of the ways we get feedback is through the national annual Community Mental Health Survey. This involves a random sample of people being invited to complete a questionnaire anonymously about their experience of using our services.

Friends and Family Test

The Friends and Family Test (FFT) is an important feedback tool that asks people if they would recommend the services they have used and offers a range of responses. This kind of feedback is vital in transforming NHS services and supporting patient choice.

Complete the Friends and Family Test online.

During quarter 1, April to June 2019, 97% of responders would recommend our services to their friends and family and gave the following reasons for why they gave their response:

Grosvenor Ward: ‘While being admitted at the ward, the staff were quite helpful and willing to help at any time needed. The staff were kind and thoughtful always’

Back on Track: Very helpful staff who do their best to make you feel comfortable’

Ealing Recovery Team West: ‘Excellent care’

Hounslow Psychiatry Liaison Service: ‘The lady we saw had a very calming manner and settled my son very professionally. She listened and gave excellent advice and provided a way forward for him’

Hounslow Cognitive Impairment Dementia Services: ‘Received good treatment. Very caring and took time to explain the process’