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Under this current climate health research is vital. You may now support research by joining North West London’s Health and Research Register and improve healthcare treatments for yourself and others today. It only takes a minute – just click here.

We are currently working with Discover which is a new way for you to get involved with health research at West London NHS Trust and across North West London.

Often people who want to contribute to health research (whether they’re unwell or not) don’t know where to start or who to ask.  Researchers have a similar problem: they want to improve healthcare but sometimes can’t find people to participate in studies.

Discover is a way to bridge this gap, bringing the public and researchers together.  It is a register of any adults (18 and over) living in North West London who are interested in health research and want to hear about health research opportunities that are relevant to them.  The register is for both healthy people and those with a medical condition.

Health research that you may be able to participate in can range from answering surveys to having your blood tested to testing new and innovative medical devices and phone apps and sometimes even participating in clinical trials.

Even if you have joined the register you can always choose not to take part in a research study; being on the register just means you will have the opportunity to hear about opportunities that you might be interested in. Watch our short video to find out more about how Discover works.

How Does Discover Work? from Imperial College Health Partners on Vimeo.

Health research is vital to improving the quality of healthcare and people’s health.  With your help we can improve healthcare services at West London Mental Health Trust and beyond and find better ways to treat and prevent illness and disease.

To join Discover today, visit the website, which contains more information and allows you to sign up online.  If you have any questions, please do contact us at either 08000 288 480 or