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West London NHS Trust provides a wide range of specialist inpatient mental health services in a number of modern secure settings alongside other mental and physical health services.

Due to the complex requirements of working in a secure setting, the Trust does not provide a central volunteering service. However individual services within the Trust are free to put in place their own arrangements with individual volunteers based on the needs of their service. Please be aware that any volunteers making arrangements with individual service lines will be subject to a full Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check and reference checks.

The Trust is planning to increase its use of peer support workers, particularly within community recovery teams.

Peer support workers are people who have experienced mental health problems either themselves or as a carer. They are employed by the Trust to use their experience to support others on their recovery journey. These individuals complement the Trust’s mental health worker expertise and knowledge with their own insight, experience and suggestions.

Peer support workers use the empathy and experience of people who have themselves used mental health services to support people who are currently undergoing treatment. The scheme is part of a focus on a ‘recovery’ approach, moving away from a model of care where the emphasis is on looking after people to one where it works with patients to manage their symptoms and improve their health.

Peer support workers undergo training before they take on the role, have full NHS staff contracts and are paid in accordance with Agenda for Change terms and conditions. If you are interested in becoming a peer support worker, keep an eye on our recruitment site at