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Meet some of our staff who’ve redeployed to support patients & colleagues

26 May 2020

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, staff across the Trust are using their skills and experience in new roles to support patients and their colleagues.

Here are the stories of three members of staff who have embraced the change in their role and their normal work area to help other teams.

Uzma BhattiRedeployed from IAPT to the Trust’s helpline (Single Point of Access)

Uzma first joined the Trust over a decade ago, as a mental health nurse on wards at St. Bernard’s, also doing shifts for the helpline. She re-joined the Trust in 2019 as a cognitive behavioural therapist at Ealing IAPT.

She was transferred to the SPA, where she was able to use some of her previous experience.

“When I first joined the Trust, the SPA helpline was very different to what it is today. While there were things I was familiar with and where I could use my skills – such as helping patients in urgent need – there were others which were new to me, like referrals. I’m grateful that the staff here have been very helpful and supportive, so I’m helping as many callers as I can during this difficult time.

“Everyone working in the NHS deserves the highest praise. All of us are in new territory and needed in unfamiliar places, so we’re going through a steep learning curve.”

Heena Sama – Redeployed from the Learning & Development team to the Trust’s temporary childcare centre

Heena works in the Trust’s Learning and Development team. She redeployed to the childcare centre because of her previous experience of looking after children, and worked there to ensure they are taken care of while their parents are on shift.

I work here five days a week. My role is to take care of the children and follow our daily set routine. This includes helping the children to do their homework, making sure we include some sort of physical activity, arts and crafts and helping with snack and lunch times.

I work with an amazing team and parents are very supportive and involved, which makes it a lot easier. I love working here and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again.

Above are some of the pictures Heena had taken during her time at the Childcare Facility.

Samia Ezzamel – Redeployed from Hounslow IAPT to Lillie Ward

Samia is an Occupational Therapist and has worked in Hounslow IAPT for more than five years as a senior cognitive behavioural therapist. She has redeployed to the psychology department at Lillie Ward, an acute mental health unit in Hammersmith & Fulham.

“Having never worked in acute mental health before, it felt like a really good opportunity to get experience of working in a completely different setting, developing new skills and also putting my skills into practice again if needed. It did feel daunting and unsettling at first, but I met my supervisor and the inpatient psychology lead before I started and immediately felt so welcomed and valued.

“Sure, it’s challenging to navigate a new setting, but I’m really enjoying being part of a new team and working in a way that I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do otherwise. Thank you to the psychology team and the team on Lillie Ward for making me feel so welcome and supporting me in my first couple of weeks.”