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Trust staff past and present contribute to UKCP Journal

09 October 2017

Lesley Day, WMLHT’s previous Head of Service at the Cassel Hospital and current Trustee for the Cassel Charitable Trust has guest edited a special issue of UKCP’s quarterly Journal The Psychotherapist, entitled Personality Disorder: What works for whom? (Summer, 2017).

Lesley was the Head of Service at the Cassel for over 16 years (until 2013). She is an adult psychotherapist and reflective practice and organisational consultant, and currently works with the Trust’s Managed Clinical Network for Personality Disorder (MCN) as a reflective practice facilitator.

In her introductory article, Lesley sets the scene by exploring the different meanings, and language used, to describe a `personality disorder’, its prevalence, and the policy and practice issues in this field of mental health work. She argues that the development of a continuum of therapeutic services in a range of settings is paramount, so that exclusion and stigmatisation of those with a lived experience of personality disorder is not rendered even more problematic in these current times.

In this specialist issue of The Psychotherapist, she has drawn together clinicians in the field of personality disorder who discuss their different models of therapeutic practice in 10 articles. Six of these articles are authored by clinicians who currently work, or have worked, in WLMHT and by those with a lived experience of personality disorder:

  • John Glyn (Cassel Head of Psychotherapy and Social Work): Borderline Personality Disorder: working with multiple transferences at the Cassel Hospital.
  • Dr. Diana Bogner (Principle Clinical Psychologist, H&F): Schema Therapy: healing from the core.
  • Dr. Kingsley Norton (previously Head of Ealing Psychotherapy Dept): Treating Personality Disorders: intensive short-term dynamic psychotherapy.
  • Monica Doran (Ealing Psychotherapy Dept and MCN) and Tim Wright (Head of Arts Therapy): MBT and Borderline Personality Disorder: integrating group and individual interventions.
  • Melanie Anne Ball (Lived Experience Practitioner, Researcher and Lecturer): Walking the Tightrope: incorporating the voice of lived experience into a personality disorder service.
  • Sally Stamp (MCN) and Tania Towns (KUF Trainer): Co-produced Psychological Education Groups: their place in the care and treatment of people with a diagnosis of personality disorder.

Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical lead for the Cassel Hospital, Dr Oliver Dale said: “I found this a very thought provoking read which was clinically relevant to both my practice and the development work we are doing for the PD pathway across the different tiers.

“It was also extremely pleasing to see so many colleagues from WLMHT, past and present, contributing to this special edition. It is a great showcase of some of the work we do and illustrates just what we can achieve.

“The fact that two of the authors involved wrote about how they applied the lived experience in their roles as service user consultants also demonstrates how this work can be done in a thoughtful, effective and respectful manner.”

The Psychotherapist is available to read online on the UKCP website.