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Trust Safeguarding and Ealing CAMHS team up for co-produced campaign on domestic abuse

12 February 2021

While Valentine’s Day (14 February) is a day where people express their love and affection to one another, it’s important to remember that for some, they could be subject to domestic abuse.

Whether it be emotional, psychological, physical, sexual and/or financial, domestic abuse is a crime. It is also ‘a major public health issue’ as highlighted by NICE and it’s a topic that has been talked about during this pandemic, as people are spending more time at home.

As a way of combining and highlighting Valentine’s Day and domestic abuse, the Safeguarding team has teamed up with the Ealing CAMHS service user forum to raise awareness of what makes a healthy relationship and the impact it has on families. In doing so, they’ve co-produced an e-card.

Safeguarding invited Ealing CAMHS to take part in this because the team wanted to see what a healthy relationship means through the eyes of young people, and has been expressed in the form of a poem within the e-card.

This campaign is dedicated to NHS worker Emma Robertson Coupland and her daughter Nicole Anderson.

Image above: word map created by Safeguarding and Ealing CAMHS service user forum, on the most common words that define what makes a healthy relationship.

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