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Triangle of Care

West London NHS Trust has committed to putting in place the Carers Trust’s Triangle of Care since 2018.

The Triangle of Care sets out how carers, service users and professionals should work together to promote safety and recovery and to sustain wellbeing in mental health by including and supporting carers.

The six standards of the Triangle of Care are:

  1. Carers and the essential role they play are identified at first contact or as soon as possible thereafter.
  2. Staff are ‘carer aware’ and trained in carer engagement strategies.
  3. Policy and practice protocols regarding confidentiality and sharing information, are in place.
  4. Defined post(s) responsible for carers are in place.
  5. A carer introduction to the service and staff is available, with a relevant range of information across the care pathway.
  6. A range of carer support services is available.

For more information on the Triangle of Care, please visit the Carers Trust’s website.

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Watch this video on why the Trust is embedding the Triangle of Care: