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Developing a care plan after assessment

What happens after a person has been assessed

We devise a care plan approach (CPA)that will outline what care or treatment a person will receive.

The CPA is likely to include interventions or help provided by a range of different professionals which may include doctors, nurses, social workers, therapists or other clinical staff.

Every person is different. That’s why it’s important that people using our services and where appropriate, their carers, are involved in developing care plans so that it meets individual needs.  The person will  receive a copy of their CPA and it should be discussed at regular CPA review meetings.

What’s in a CPA ?

All the care and treatment a person receives should be included in the care plan. For some people, an important part of their CPA is their recovery plan.

A recovery plan aims to make sure an individual’s longer term needs for sustained good mental health is maintained. This could include plans  to support  them with physical health, social and family and employment issues too,  as required.

It might also include instructions for how they will manage, and how they wish to be treated, in the event of a relapse in their health.

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