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Care Information Exchange

The Care Information Exchange (CIE) is an online system which allows patients access to their medical record and professionals from different care settings, to share information across organisations.

Uniquely, it also puts patients in charge of who can access their information, allowing them to share different parts of their medical record with the different teams and organisations involved in their care.
At WLMHT, the system will initially be rolled out across early intervention services, with a planned start date in March 2017.
Although at first, the information available on CIE will be relatively limited, the plan is to include diagnostics, care plans and other important information across health and social care organisations in North West London.
And for patients, the system is a significant step towards feeling like true partners in their own care.
It is hoped a natural benefit of making the patient’s medical record so readily available will be an improvement in the quality and content of what clinicians record, knowing patients will have access to their information.
How CIE works
CIE patient leaflet

Convenience for patients

One of the benefits of a system like CIE is that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Eventually, the system could help to reduce routine appointments as professionals will have access to more up-to-date information, with the potential for direct messaging with clinicians and for patients to complete self-assessments or upload diary entries remotely.

More integrated care

Giving other professionals ready access to information means that they have a more rounded view of a patient’s medical history and can therefore provide better, more holistic care. It also avoids the issue of patients feeling the need to re-tell their story to each new person.

Information sharing and fair processing

The use of patient information is governed by an information sharing agreement between the different organisations in North West London. This makes it clear that we will use people’s information appropriately and we will be transparent about how we intend to use the data.
The Care Information Exchange has been funded by Imperial College Healthcare Charity.