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Amadeus Recovery House

Amadeus Recovery House is a community-based short stay house, offering people experiencing a mental health crisis in Ealing an alternative to a hospital stay.

We provide residents with:

  • Care in a beautiful and therapeutic setting in Ealing
  • Emotional and practical support on a one-to-one basis and in groups

The recovery house provides a safe and restful space for people who need help to get through an episode of acute mental illness and begin their recovery. The house, which is in north Ealing, has 17 private bedrooms, a garden and ‘quiet rooms,’ as well as communal kitchens and lounges.

This unique therapeutic environment is for people who are unable to stay at home – even with support from the crisis resolution and home treatment team (CRHT) – but would benefit from 24/7 residential, community- based care, as an alternative to hospital admission.

Residents can access a range of recovery-focused, person-centred interventions in a safe, welcoming place. The house, which is being run for the trust by the charity Rethink Mental Illness, feels more like a home than a hospital ward. Interventions offered include drop-in classes, life skills coaching,  peer support and physical health assessments.

People are also helped to develop their own recovery plans and can get support from the home treatment team whenever needed.

Amadeus House empowers people to develop their own coping skills, build their resilience and take control of their lives, enabling them to return home as soon as possible and stay well once home.

Recovery houses are a key part of the trust’s exciting plans to transform local services and urgent care: providing timely and effective support, closer to home, and supporting individuals on their recovery journey.

•   To be eligible for the service you have to live in Ealing

•   Referrals are made by the Ealing crisis resolution home treatment (CRHT) team

•   Acute stays are expected to be up to 14 days

•   Decisions about when someone goes home are made in discussion with the individual, the CRHT team and house staff

Our Locations

Amadeus House
18 Corfton Road
W5 2HT

Tel: 020 8998 7800