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Arts Therapies

The arts therapies provided by West London NHS Trust are Art Therapy, Dramatherapy and Music Therapy.

The arts therapies employ the creative arts to facilitate the expression of thoughts and feelings, reflection and communication with others. This is done in weekly group and one to one sessions in the context of a boundaried therapeutic relationship and setting.

Sometimes words are hard to find for complex or painful experiences. In such circumstances the arts can provide creative means of expression and of making connections. They can enable us to find a way forward in understanding ourselves, relating to others, gaining confidence and making positive changes in our lives.

We also aim to promote general wellbeing through the arts and to help service users connect with mainstream arts activities in the community.

Arts Therapists complete an MA level training and are registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).

  • Art Therapy

  • Dramatherapy

  • Music Therapy

Making images and experimenting with art materials can help people to express a wide range of thoughts, feelings and experiences that are hard to find words for.

No previous art experience or skill is needed in art therapy; artwork can take many forms and can help you to communicate about emotions, thoughts, relationships and life experiences. It can also stimulate your imagination, increase your self-awareness and sense of autonomy and help you connect with others. The therapy process aims to help you develop your insight into your strengths and any issues that may be making it difficult to cope with everyday life.

Art Therapy sessions are not art classes.  However, for some people they can be a supportive context for developing their art work. People frequently wish to keep their art work confidential but if people wish to work towards exhibiting work we can offer support with this.

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