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Community independence service


Single point of referral: 0300 033 0333



The Community Independence Service brings together the skills and experience of different health and social care professionals to provide integrated care for patients who experience acute illness or need support to rehabilitate and improve independence.

The team includes nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, mental health workers, rehab assistants, healthcare assistants, carers, doctors, pharmacists and support staff.

There are two pathways via the Single Point of Referral:

Rapid response

For urgent help to support acute illness in the community when it is safe and appropriate to do so (response within 2 hours with input for up to 5 days).

Rehabilitation and reablement (offered for up to 6 weeks).

Rehabilitation provides physical and occupational therapies for housebound people to enable them to achieve functional goals and improve their independence. Reablement services are provided in the home to help a person gain confidence and re-learn the skills to carry out daily activities and practical tasks.

CIS also provides liaison within A&E departments and pre-admission units to determine if people can be better supported at home or by other non- emergency services rather than through hospital admission.

The service is for patients aged 18 years and over, including those in  care and nursing homes.

Referral information

Referral via GP practices

We accept electronic referrals through SystmOne without the need for a referral form. Please choose the appropriate team (rapid response or rehabilitation/reablement) and document the reason for the referral in your consultation.

Please discuss the importance of being able to share clinical information with those involved in your patient’s care and indicate consent to share data has been given. As the CIS relies on data sharing, not doing so will result in the single point of access returning your referral.

From Acute sector

Referrals can be made directly to the CIS Liaison Team who will be working closely with acute colleagues. For CIS involvement to help complete rehabilitation or reablement goals at home, referrals are to made through the CIS single point of access. The basis of the referral to CIS therapists would be the hospital therapists’ assessment, which would be considered as a trusted assessment.

From Adult Social Care

Please contact the Single Point of Referral

From London Ambulance Service

The London Ambulance Service should follow the agreed Inner London Community Independence Service Pathway and/or the agreed Elderly Fallers Pathway.

Self-referrals for Rehabilitation and Reablement

If known to the service, self-referrals will be considered dependent on the outcomes of previous input and the current potential to achieve goals.

Service opening times

Services are provided between 8am – 8pm, 7 days a week and deliver a coordinated approach to patient care. This means that CIS generally cannot accept any new rapid response referrals after 6pm but if there is capacity within the service to safely complete the clinical episode before 8pm they may be able to accept a new referral. Please note that the rapid response service is not intended to replace urgent district nursing who can respond within 24 hours.