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Personality Disorder Service

People with a personality disorder diagnosis usually present with habitual, long term and complex emotional and behavioural patterns which significantly get in the way of their day to day lives and cause intense distress.

Following the Department of Health’s publication in 2003 of “ Personality Disorder: no longer a diagnosis of exclusion,” and in keeping with the more recently published NICE Guidelines, WLMHT has opened a new Trust wide service for Personality Disorder (PD), known as a Managed Clinical Network (MCN).

The MCN provides information, education, supervision and consultation for Trust staff working with people with the diagnosis. Since PD patients often have complex needs and involve multi agency services, the Network aims to build on already existing collaborative working practices, by formalising and managing working arrangements between them. This will create clearer clinical pathways and improve the patient experience of treatment.

We offer a wide range of services for patients with this diagnosis. Assessment of the patient’s needs determine the service offered. This is influenced by a number of factors, including the level of distress and disturbance experienced by the patient, as well as the risk they present to themselves and other people. Other factors, such as preference of treatment are also taken into account.

Services provided include :

  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Community support
  • Arts and Music therapy
  • Inpatient services

Each service has its own referral procedures. Please see specialist sections for these details and for more information on how these treatments and care benefit people with this diagnosis.

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