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Psychology Service

This service provides psychological assessment and treatment for people within the psychological therapy service.

Clinical psychologists help people to manage and ease their mental distress through a variety of treatment approaches.

Assessments may be carried out through interviews, questionnaires and direct observation. Assessment may lead to therapy, counselling or advice.

Treatments include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and psychotherapy.

Counselling psychologists use talking therapies developed in psychology to help individuals and groups manage mental and emotional problems, empowering people to make positive changes in their lives.

Treatments are tailored to suit individual, couple and group needs and are suitable for people with more complex conditions such as personality issues, psychosis, treatment resistant depression, complex trauma, developmental disorders and acquired deficits.

A person’s unique make up, including their history, personality, preference, cognitive ability, cultural identities and current presentation are taken into account when designing treatment plans.

Advice for carers about managing specific conditions is also available.

Referral information

Referrals are made to psychologists by community mental health services.

Our locations


John Conolly Wing
St Bernard's Site
Uxbridge Road

Tel: 020 8354 8981

Hammermisth & Fulham

Claybrook Centre
Claybrook Road
W6 8LN

Tel: 020 7386 1251


Lakeside Mental Health Unit
West Middlesex Hospital Site
Twickenham Road

Tel:020 8483 1487