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The Limes

Visiting has resumed but with the following restrictions in place to ensure safety: 

  • Carers  must phone in advance to make an appointment to visit.

  • Visitors will be given half an hour visiting slot, once per week per family member.

  • Visits are limited to one close family contact or someone important to the patient.

  • On the day of the visit staff must ensure that the reception  and visiting area is free from activities, creating a safe and seamless entry and exit of the building.

  • When visit is taking place the designated visiting area must also be free of other activities throughout the visit.

  • On the day of the visit a nurse is allocate to supervise the visit and ensure Carer`s are provided with appropriate PPE`s and their temperature is taken. Visitors must use hand sanitiser when entering and existing the building.

  • Visitors must wear the relevant PPE surgical (blue) face mask, gloves and apron) (provided and monitored by staff at the Limes).

  • On the way out Carer`s must dispose of the PPE`s in the clinical waste bin provided and use hand sanitiser.

  • If any patients at the Limes are presenting with Covid symptoms all visits will be suspended pending swab result.


020 8483 2881 (24-hour nursing office for dementia in-patient ward).

Unit manager: Brightmore Mukutirwa
Consultant: Dr Kheder


10 Merrick Road

About the service we provide

The Limes is a 20 bed special care unit for people with behavioural problems and dementia.

We provide personalised care to all our patients allowing them to develop their independence and improve the quality of their lives.

Each person has an individual room and there are lounges for men and women where patients can rest and relax in peace and quiet.