Your questions answered 

Ealing Community Partners took over the delivery of health and care services in Ealing on 1 July 2019. Here are some answers to questions you may have.

What has changed?

Ealing Community Partners took over the delivery of community health and care services in Ealing on 1 July 2019.  Previously these services were provided by London North West University Healthcare.  In terms of your day-to-day care, you should see very little change.  

Will there be any changes to the care I receive? 

We are working to make sure there are as few changes as possible, when Ealing Community Partners begins to provide your care in July 2019. 

  • The doctors, nurses and health professionals you see will generally remain the same - as the majority of the existing staff will transfer to become part of Ealing Community Partners. 
  • Most of the buildings you go to in order to receive your care, will remain the same. 
  • The landline telephone numbers and email addresses you use if you need to contact the person providing your care, will remain the same.

Will Ealing Community Partners improve the care I receive?

Yes, we want it to become easier for you to get additional help when you need it. 

Instead of your GP having to make multiple referrals for different services, they will be able to make a single referral to the local care team, which will have a care co-ordinator, community nurses, physiotherapists, mental health works and will work closely with the social work team.  The local team will be able to better understand what is important to you and offer you the support you need in the most appropriate setting, as close to home as possible. 

When you are in hospital, you will be supported to return home as soon as you are well, and if you need additional support at home afterwards, you will be assessed quickly and the support you need will be put into place straight away. 

You will still be seen by the staff you know well but, in future, if they need some extra support to keep you well at home, or if your needs change, it will be easier for them to bring in more people to help you.  And these people will have records telling them what has happened to you previously, so you will not have to go through again with them. 

Who can I contact if I have any concerns about my care? 

We want to provide a great service that helps you when you need it. 

That's why we welcome any feedback about the care you receive to make improvements or do more of what you like. 

If you would like to give us feedback or have any concerns, please feel free to contact the team directly. 

You can also call us on 0300 12345 44. if you have any comments, questions or concerns. These will be shared with the team managers, or can be registered as a formal complaint. 

Contact us

If you have any questions about Ealing Community Partners or your care please call 

0300 12345 44

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